WBZ500 Continuous Mixing Plant For Sale

The continuous mixing plant is a type of plant that equipped with a continuous twin shaft mixer. Compared with the HZS Series batching plant, it has the characteristics of large capacity and continuous discharge which capacity up to 800 ton per hour, suitable for high demand for concrete, especially for the production of zero slump concrete and road basement foundations materials, such as roller compacted concrete, cement-treated base, stabilized soil, lime soil, cement soil, etc. In addition, the continuous mixing plant can mix asphalt in cold mothed

Product Description:

Detachable structure

Double-shaft mixer can achieve compulsory and continuous mixing

New technology by summarizing the domestic and foreign advanced mixing technology and experience.

Especially suitable for extensive construction with large site, large scale and requirement of high productivity

The main components of the system:

1 The ingredients supply system: divided hopper , belt conveyor of various frequency measurement

2 Cement material supply system: Cement bin (cement bucket), impeller feeding machine of various frequency measurement, screw conveyor with electronic scale

3 Automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipeline, pressure reducing valve, water flow meter, water jet

4 Aggregate conveying system:

Aggregates delivery adopts belt conveyor with small dip angle and annular duct tape that is high-quality with seamless vulcanized joints .The equipment has compact structure, operates steadily and reliably and fixed ,that can efficiently the extend the using life

5 Mixing system: motor reducer, twin-shaft continuous mixer

6 Storage system: double-discharge storage silo, sidling belt machine, air compressor

7 Electrical system: operation control cabinet, operating room


· The oblique cone and screw on the feeding machine is designed with big caliber, so it can avoid phenomenon that feeding machine is easy to be blocked when affected by damp.

· With widen aggregate bins, you can feed with the 50 loader avoiding of mix.

· You can chose not only the conjunct measurement of both pressure signal and speed signal but also pure speed or signal measurement. Both of them are easy to operate and maintain without influencing production.

· Computer control leads to fluent running, which can also reduce accident and improve working efficiency.

· Both manual-disassembled cement and bulk cement can be chosen.

· Entire computer control system has the function of process management, state detection, fault alarm, overload alarm and under voltage protection.

· Single motor drives the reducer while the large gear transmitting synchronously. The machine works stably and reliably, and it can resist high impact and have strong ability to stand overload and have a long working life.

· There is a discharge opening at the bottom of mixer, which makes it convenient to clear and maintainance



widely used in high way ,urban road and other matrix or underlying construction of roads,and also suitable for mixing stabilized materials which are needed in projects, such as goods yard, parking lot, sadium and and airport.