HZS35 Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale


1.HZS35 concrete mixing plant adopts automatic control system with advanced performance and is ideal equipment to produce commercial concrete. 

2.It is widely used in large infrastructure construction such as buildings highways bridges airport water conservancy project and precast factories. 


HZS series concrete mixing plant is composed of aggregate batcher concrete mixer cement supply system water supply system cement weighing system water weighing system and control system and so on.

The first step is to put the aggregate into aggregate batcher by loader and then weigh them on weighing hopper. Thirdly the operator should put them into the hopper of mixer by conveyor. 

As for cement and water firstly they should be fed into cement weighing hopper and water weighing hopper by screw conveyor and water pump respectively. Secondly the operator should put them into mixer after weighing.

The mixer begins to work after all the materials are ready. The operator can carry away the concrete after mixing.



1. Electronic weighing of aggregate water cement and additive is more precise and has higher efficiency.

2. The main mixer JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer belongs to forced concrete mixer and has high mixing efficiency. It can be used to mix hard-dry concrete and the product has good quality.

3. Modularization structure makes it easy to be installed and relocated.

4. Full automatic computer control ensures high quality and precise production.

5. HZS35 concrete mixing plant is easy to maintain with low maintenance cost.

6. Anti-noise design and dust collection system make our plant friendly to the environment.

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